Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Even the best designed website with awesome graphics and the latest and most up to date code is useless if it is not online 24/7 when potential visitors are looking for it.

Also a website that loads slow because of a poor hosting company will lose a visitor fast, that is why it is essential that you choose a great hosting company to put your website online.

There are many things to consider when choosing a website hosting company, cost, speed, service, storage, bandwidth, up-time.

Website Hosting Bandwidth

Bandwidth is basically data by time, it is a measure of how much data can be transferred from your website via the website hosting company server to the screen of your visitors computer.

Think of your website being linked by a pipe to the visitors computer screen, the website hosting company is the pipe and the bandwidth is the thickness of the pipe, a narrow pipe restricts the flow of information a larger pipe allows the information from your website to flow freely and unrestricted to your visitors computer screen.

Website Hosting Disc Space or Data Storage

Disc space or data storage is the am mount of space usually measured in gb that the website hosting company is allowing you with the plan that you are paying for.

Restricted disc space limits the size of a website that the host will allow you to have stored on their server.

Website Hosting Uptime

Uptime is sometimes referred to as downtime, relates to the efficiency of the website hosting company’s operation. downtime is a period of time when your website is not available online because of problems with the website hosting company’s server.

A lot of the cheaper hosting companies have poor uptime and this type of cheap hosting turns out to be not a bargain

Website Hosting Things to consider

So when you are considering a website hosting company for your internet presence it is important that along with price you also factor in bandwidth, disc space and uptime. Don’t forget customer service because if something goes wrong and your website is not properly visible online then you will want to contact customer service 24/7 365 days a year.



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